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We are proud of our success rate but also proud of what our clients say about us.

Road Traffic Law Experts: Your Guarantee

We frequently deal with high profile clients in delicate situations and we ensure that wherever possible we keep them OUT of the News.

We are available 24/7, call NOW on 0800 612 9597

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For peace of mind contact us today. We are friendly and approachable. Please take a look at the testimonials for Road Traffic Law Experts. We often provide FREE advice, especially at the early stages of a case. Free tips on how to deal with a motoring offence are available on this website and our members area. We are here to win your case and save your licence. Our team not only consists of lawyers but also essential support staff such as secretaries and investigation agents all of whom play an essential part in ensuring our success with your case.

Whether you wish to fight a speeding ticket, a drink driving charge, using a mobile phone whilst driving, or dangerous driving or any other road traffic offence you MUST speak to a solicitor who knows about this area of the law.

For a solution to your road traffic problem and answers to your questions just get in touch today. Speaking to a qualified person that understands the problem and is aware of the solutions can bring relief and ease a real sense of worry and concern.

If you have been charged with any other motoring offence in Scotland then you should call the Road Traffic Law Experts now.

Scotland's Loophole Lawyer Graham Walker is a member of the Law Society Scotland who has practised as a Criminal lawyer in Scotland for over 30 years. He specialises in road traffic law.

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16 Jun 2015
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Voucher Code
How to claim
Get a Fixed fee quote for your case then quote App1 to receive the 10% Discount

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